The Master Cleanse

by Ed

The Master Cleanse is a lemon juice fast created, as far as I know, by Stanley Burroughs. You can read about it in his little book, The Master Cleanser.

One thing I’d like to say is that the master cleanse is not for everybody. If you are underweight, I would not do it, unless you are under the supervision of a qualified health professional who has experience with the master cleanse. Other people who generally do not do well on it are people with what Chinese Medicine calls a cold stomach. If you have a hard time digesting cold foods, raw fruits or vegetables, or cucumbers, you have a cold stomach.

If you don’t have any of the above conditions, and you feel in need of a stronger cleanse than the one in my earlier post, then definitely check out the Master Cleanse.

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1 Anthony 04.06.07 at 10:05 pm

Thanks Ed!

Reading about the Master Cleanse brought back good memories. I did the 10 day Master Cleanse about ten years ago and it was a very positive experience for me. I felt leaner, cleaner, clearer and much more grateful for food afterward 😉

The hardest part physically was the first three days – headaches (probably caffeine withdrawl), lethargy and fatigue. After that I felt fine physically as long as I moved slower than I usually did and made sure I drank enough of the maple syrup, cayenne powder and lemon juice to keep my blood sugar up. I lost about 5 pounds and gained a lot of mental clarity (and who can’t use a lot more of that these days!).

The last 5 days was more difficult emotionally as I missed the ritual and comfort of food and how meals no longer punctuated the day. There was a certain sense of disconnection from others and I felt first hand the social value that taking meals together has.

Additional tips for anyone considering this fast is that you should probably anticipate a moderately decreased endurance for work and strenuous tasks/exercise. That being said, I did work full-time during the cleanse, making sure I started the fast on a weekend to get through any “withdrawl”symptoms. Return to food slowly in terms of volume and speed. Chew slowly and pay attention to your food when you start eating again to help to stimulate peristalsis in your digestive organs and not overload the system. I ate my first meal too fast and didn’t digest it well.

Thanks again Ed.

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