Stress: Good for Cancer Cells, Bad for Us

by Ed

A recent study published here, suggests that the stress hormone, epinephrine, may cause changes in prostate and breast cancer cells that makes them more resistant to cell death.

Stress reduction will not only improve your chances of recovering from cancer it will probably decrease your chances of getting it in the first place. Exercise, relaxation, and behavioral changes are the most important ways to reduce your stress. I recommend a combination of aerobic and relaxing forms of exercise. By relaxing forms, I mean exercise like hatha yoga and tai chi. Both relaxation and behavioral changes can be achieved by self-hypnosis and certain kinds of meditation.

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1 Nia 04.27.07 at 9:19 am

I’m glad that you elucidated on the “relaxing form” of exercise you had in mind because as soon as I read relaxing I started to feel drowsey, but I just KNEW you didn’t mean sleep!

Sleep is not exercise. But it’s sooo relaxing.

I must not be getting enough sleep because with even the most obtuse hint at sleep I started yawning and stretching and rubbing my eyes!

Motion IS real important. Aerobic and stretching. Good tips! thanks!

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