Sound Sleep

by Ed

Sound or the lack of it can affect your sleep. Certainly unusual sounds at night can keep you awake. We are comforted by what we are used to. Remember that movie, “My Cousin Vinnie”, the lawyer from New York, couldn’t sleep until he was in a noisy environment. I have a friend who needs a fan on in order to get to sleep. Which brings me to white noise. White noise is nondescript sound, like a fan makes, or a waterfall, or a radio between stations. For many people white noise is very soothing. It also masks other noises in the environment. You could put on a nature sounds CD, when you go to bed. Soothing music works for many people. I had trouble falling asleep as a child, probably because my parents gave me an extremely early bedtime. If they would put on one of my favorite records I could get to sleep more easily. In case you are wondering, my favorites for sleeping were Elton John, Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, and Cat Stevens. Of course early Elton John was pretty mellow.