Po Chai Pills

by Ed

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I want to return to Po Chai Pills usage. One reason is that I know that Huo Xiang Cheng Chi Pien is hard to get, and they have very similar uses. Po Chai pills are very effective in relieving acute gastrointestinal symptoms, particularly nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and heartburn. They are great for hangover, motion sickness, traveller’s diarrhea , and stomach flu. Actually, stomach flu is not caused by the flu virus, but one of a number of other viruses. They are generally short lived infections, no more than a few days. You can get similar symptoms from bacteria and parasite infections, but those will last longer and be harder to treat, requiring medical attention. If your symptoms last more than a week, it is important to see a doctor. Also see your doctor if you have any blood in your stool.

One of the things I like about Po Chai is that they come in vials of very small pills like pellets, making them much easier to get down. Great for kids, those of us who have a hard time swallowing pills, and just about anyone who is nauseous. When you have symptoms take one whole vial. After half an hour, if you don’t notice any improvement, you can take another. In general though, it’s best not to take them more than once every couple of hours, or so. Younger kids can take half a vial at a time.


1 stephanie 09.15.08 at 6:53 pm

I grew up on po chai and have taken it for over 30 years. As a child growing up in a homeopathic household, there was no alternative. All of my teenage children take po chai each and every time they have any sort of stomach related irritation. We all swear by it and the kids give it to their friends if they’re not feeling well! This is a product that should be in every home.

2 SC 01.29.09 at 10:55 pm

It really cures hangover!

3 JJ 06.09.09 at 12:23 pm

Yeah I had a hangover today and took some. Is awesome!

4 Jackie 12.25.10 at 2:38 pm

Importation into Australia is banned because the main herb in Po Chai is under threat of extinction. Too bad the manufacturer’s can’t use propagation methods to produce this obviously useful herb. If wild harvesting continues future generations will never know the benefits of this herb.

More info. about this endangered species here:


5 Bones 01.10.11 at 8:42 pm

It’s sad you cannot get these anymore! They are the only thing that seems to help my chronic nausea. 🙁

6 Ed 01.11.11 at 8:31 am

It is too bad. We can still get them in North America. It’s also sad that there is an endangered plant in there. It makes me want to find an alternative. They are handy, though.

7 Ann 03.10.11 at 7:40 am

i remember liking them, and bought some recently. but then saw the recall…now i am worried about quality. are they ok to take or not? is it worth the risk?

8 Jon 05.20.11 at 6:43 pm

Saussurea costus (yun mu xiang) is the herb the Aussies seem concerned about. It’s a plant in the sunflower family.

The problem is that it’s not in the ingredient list of Po Chai. The main ingredient is Fu Ling- a fungus.

Did the Aussies make a mistake?

9 MW 01.18.13 at 11:24 pm

Prescription error of Po Chai
I refe to the last sentence in ED’s message which states, ” Younger kids can take half a vial at a time.” This is wrong. I am in HK and just read the local newspaper and the government officiates in HK clarified that the prescription should be ‘a bottle for kids’ as the English translation is wrong. What a shame! If you are still interested in Po Chai, you may wish to see the following news clipping (Chinese). Hope this helps.



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