How an allergy is like a phobia

by Ed

Do you know anyone who has a real phobia? They will do what ever they can to avoid the thing they are phobic of. Take someone with clautophobia, the irrational fear of elevators, to a high rise building and they would rather climb thirty flights of stairs than get into the elevator. If you even try to get them near the elevator, they will break out in a cold sweat and get very anxious. The whole body mounts a response designed to keep them away from the object of their fear.

Now, take a person with hay fever out into a meadow. The immune system, instead of recognizing all of those pollens as benign particles floating in the breeze, sees them as attacking enemies and orders up a full scale assault. The immune system does everything it can to destroy the enemy, never mind the collateral damage due to friendly fire (sneezing, running nose, itchy puffy eyes, etc.).

In both cases the body-mind complex is producing a huge fear response to a non dangerous situation. In both cases dealing with the response really doesn’t help much. What is needed is to convince the body-mind, that there is no threat here.

One of the most efficient techniques I have found for treating both allergies and phobias is EFT. EFT, like acupuncture, looks at us in terms of energy, rather than biology, as Western Medicine does. It sees allergies and phobias, primarily as an energetic imbalance. Once the energy is brought back into balance the problem is resolved. Not that it’s always a quick and easy thing to do.

When treating most problems there are different aspects to the situation that need to be dealt with. Say we are treating our claustrophobic. We know he is afraid of elevators, but what is it about elevators that frightens him. First he tells he is afraid of it falling. So we clear up that fear, but still he is not totally comfortable getting into the elevator. What other aspects are there to his fear? Perhaps he is afraid of being somewhere he cannot get out of. Perhaps he is afraid of being crowded by other people. With EFT, each of those aspects is neutralized with until the person is perfectly calm while riding in an elevator.

The same is true for allergies, although the aspects can be more difficult to dig out. As the aspects are dealt with, one at a time, many people find their allergies slowly improve. Once all of the aspects of an allergy are dealt with the person should be able to have contact with the allergens without any allergic response.

So next time you have an allergy attack, just say to yourself, “That’s not a snake about to bite me, that’s just an old piece of rope on the ground.” Or learn EFT and get to the root of the problem. To learn more about EFT, go to, or for an individualized session, contact me. Between email and telephone, I can teach you the technique, and help you with the whole process.

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