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Book Review: Healing Skin Disorders

by Ed

Last week, someone emailed me with a question about a skin problem. After replying with a few suggestions, I remembered a book I have on the bookshelf in my clinic. Healing Skin Disorders, by Andrew Gaeddert is a great book for healing your own skin condition. He talks about everything from acne to diaper rash to eczema to psoriasis to warts. Western and Chinese herbs that are good for the skin are covered, as are other natural forms of treatment. For each condition he gives symptoms and causes, self treatments, professional treatments, and case studies. He also talks about the importance of the digestive system in healing skin disorders. There is a digestive cleansing protocol at the end of the book. This is a great book for any lay person wanting to heal themselves, as well as for practitioners who want to improve their skill in treating skin disorders.

Andrew Gaeddert studied Chinese Medicine after his colitis was healed by Chinese Medicine. He has gone on to become one of the foremost herbal authorities in the West. He is the president of Health Concerns, a company that specializes in Chinese herbal formulas for health practitioners.

The following Anti-inflammatory Program from his book is useful for anyone with chronic inflammatory conditions, not just skin conditions.

  • Consume fish three or more times per week

  • Eat lean meats, poultry and game, and also use vegetables such as beans and nuts for protein.

  • Eliminate margarine, butter, and shortening.

  • Each day use 40 to 50 grams (3 to 4 tbsp) of polyunsaturated oils (avocado, hemp, flax, olive, walnut) as a dressing for salad or cooked vegetables

  • Supplement with 1 to 3 tsp of cod liver oil daily.

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