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Diabetes: More than a blood sugar problem

by Ed

There is an interesting article in the International Herald tribune, today. Apparently, doctors and media tend to focus exclusively on blood sugar in helping diabetics. Obviously blood sugar is very important in diabetes, but it turns out that most diabetics die from heart disease. If you are diabetic, blood pressure and cholesterol are just as important to control as blood sugar is. Fortunately, diet and exercise are important for all three. The problem is, if you are focusing on reducing blood sugar without considering blood pressure or cholesterol, or basic healthy nutrition, you are doing yourself considerable harm.

Whether you are diabetic or not, whether you believe in a low carb or low protein diet, there is one basic dietary guideline that I think will help everyone. Eat everything as close to its live state as possible. Ideally that would mean growing all of your own food. Practically, it means avoiding all processed foods. That includes flours and grains that are not whole grain, canned foods, and all packaged foods. By your foods fresh and whole, and cook them simply.

Back to Diabetes, monitor your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar and get good professional advice on how to control them. That professional may not be your doctor. In North America, at least, doctors are given very little training on nutrition. Find someone who really is an expert in nutrition and follow their advice.