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A Food Allergy Mystery

by Ed

I developed allergies when I was about 22. Over the years the most significant food allergies have been milk and eggs. Two years ago I decided to try using EFT to work on my dairy allergy. I found it greatly improved my symptoms, but did not completely get rid of the allergy.

The last time I tried an egg was about four years ago. I have not done anything to reduce my egg allergy specifically. About a month ago I had a potato salad that I thought was egg free until I bit into a hard boiled egg. I decided to go ahead and eat it as an experiment, and because I did not want to spit it out at a social gathering. To my surprise, I had no reaction at all. So I got an egg from a friend and ate it. No reaction. I bought a dozen eggs and have eaten about 8 in the past 10 days. It is a as if I never had an allergy!

I don’t know if the EFT eliminated the egg allergy, or if it spontaneously resolved. That is a real mystery with a happy ending.

How an allergy is like a phobia

by Ed

Do you know anyone who has a real phobia? They will do what ever they can to avoid the thing they are phobic of. Take someone with clautophobia, the irrational fear of elevators, to a high rise building and they would rather climb thirty flights of stairs than get into the elevator. If you even try to get them near the elevator, they will break out in a cold sweat and get very anxious. The whole body mounts a response designed to keep them away from the object of their fear.

Now, take a person with hay fever out into a meadow. The immune system, instead of recognizing all of those pollens as benign particles floating in the breeze, sees them as attacking enemies and orders up a full scale assault. The immune system does everything it can to destroy the enemy, never mind the collateral damage due to friendly fire (sneezing, running nose, itchy puffy eyes, etc.).

In both cases the body-mind complex is producing a huge fear response to a non dangerous situation. In both cases dealing with the response really doesn’t help much. What is needed is to convince the body-mind, that there is no threat here.

One of the most efficient techniques I have found for treating both allergies and phobias is EFT. EFT, like acupuncture, looks at us in terms of energy, rather than biology, as Western Medicine does. It sees allergies and phobias, primarily as an energetic imbalance. Once the energy is brought back into balance the problem is resolved. Not that it’s always a quick and easy thing to do.

When treating most problems there are different aspects to the situation that need to be dealt with. Say we are treating our claustrophobic. We know he is afraid of elevators, but what is it about elevators that frightens him. First he tells he is afraid of it falling. So we clear up that fear, but still he is not totally comfortable getting into the elevator. What other aspects are there to his fear? Perhaps he is afraid of being somewhere he cannot get out of. Perhaps he is afraid of being crowded by other people. With EFT, each of those aspects is neutralized with until the person is perfectly calm while riding in an elevator.

The same is true for allergies, although the aspects can be more difficult to dig out. As the aspects are dealt with, one at a time, many people find their allergies slowly improve. Once all of the aspects of an allergy are dealt with the person should be able to have contact with the allergens without any allergic response.

So next time you have an allergy attack, just say to yourself, “That’s not a snake about to bite me, that’s just an old piece of rope on the ground.” Or learn EFT and get to the root of the problem. To learn more about EFT, go to, or for an individualized session, contact me. Between email and telephone, I can teach you the technique, and help you with the whole process.

My email is edward (at)

Overcoming Allergies

by Ed

For the next few posts I am going to look at allergies from different points of view, and ways to overcome them. You do not have to suffer from allergies, and you do not have to take antihistamines to avoid them. There may be some people with anaphylactic allergies to certain foods like peanuts that will have to live with them, but for the rest of us there are many techniques to lessen the symptoms or get over the problem all together. As I post on each of the topics below, I will teach you how you can get over your allergies, using the tools related to the topic of the day.

How an allergy is like a phobia. Have you ever considered that there really isn’t any difference between a phobia and an allergy? Both are an irrational overly fearful response to something relatively harmless in our environment. The body sees a dust mite, and thinking it is a very dangerous intruder, it mounts an assault against it, inducing allergic symptoms in the innocent bystander. There are many techniques for curing phobias, such as hypnosis, NLP, and EFT. These techniques have also been found useful in curing allergies.

Chinese Medicine cures the problem when it is not there. If you have Spring allergies, this is the time to see your acupuncturist. Chinese medicine sees allergies as an imbalance in several of the body’s energy systems. It is much easier to correct the imbalance when it is not active. Besides acupuncture there are a number of self help techniques you can use to heal yourself.

Keeping passages clear. Keeping both the nasal passages and the digestive track clear and flowing smoothly greatly reduces the effects of allergies. Allergies are closely related to digestive health. In Chinese Medicine the colon meridian runs up to the nose.There are several things you can do for yourself to keep things clear.

Healing a leaky gut. Leaky Gut Syndrome can lead to many different symptoms, including allergies. See my earlier post on Leaky Gut.

Healing food allergies and leaky gut syndrome

by Ed

If you have food allergies, particularly if you developed them later in life and are allergic to more than one food, chances are you also have leaky gut syndrome. If you can heal your leaky gut then you will be able to overcome your allergies as well.

What is leaky gut syndrome? When the intestinal lining becomes damaged, it can let partially digested proteins into the blood stream. The body does not recognize these foreign proteins and assumes they are invaders. It therefore sends out an immune response, attacking the protein molecules. After that happens a few times, the body quickly recognizes that particular food as dangerous and starts attacking very quickly. That is the way leaky gut can lead to food allergies. Leaky gut syndrome can also be at the root of other health problems, such as arthritis, excema, irritable bowel syndrome, and many believe fibromyalgia.

How do you get leaky gut syndrome? Being our first line of defense against many things trying to enter our bodies, the intestinal lining is well designed. However, it is rather fragile, as it is supposed to let digested nutrients through. It usually takes a number of different factors over a period of time to compromise the intestinal lining to the extent that we develop a leaky gut. Bacteria, fungi, yeast, such as candida, and other parasites can all damage the lining. Many drugs can as well, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and other pain medications. Antibiotics, indirectly can cause it, by killing the beneficial bacteria in the gut, which allows harmful bacteria, and fungi to flourish. Anything that causes inflammation of the intestines can also damage the lining.

How do you heal leaky gut syndrome? This can be a difficult an lengthy process. I highly recommend seeing a health practitioner that specializes in it. In some countries there are several lab tests that can be done. These help not only in making an accurate diagnosis, but also in forming an efficient treatment plan. If you do not have access to a qualified health practitioner and believe you have leaky gut syndrome, there are a few things you can do for yourself. First, find out more about it to have a better idea if you really have it. Leaky Gut Syndrome by Elizabeth Lipski, is a great little booklet that goes into a lot more detail than I have here, about the symptoms, the causes, and the treatment. I Was Poisoned By My Body by Gloria Gilbere is another good book with more information on things you can do to help yourself.

The most important thing to do is give your intestinal lining the chance to heal itself. You need to stop eating foods that you are sensitive to. The best thing to do is an elimination diet, to figure out which foods cause reactions, then go on a rotation diet to avoid developing new sensitivities. Avoid taking any medications that are harmful to the digestive system, including anti-inflammatories, steroids, and antibiotics. You also need to restore the balance of good bacteria in your gut by taking large doses of probiotics and other supplements that enhance the beneficial bacteria. When looking for a probiotic, get one that has several different bacteria, as the work synergistically. Primal Defense is one that I have found to work well. It also has soil microorganisms that have proven beneficial to the immune system. Start taking your probiotic at one capsule twice a day. Slowly work up to about ten a day. You may need to stay at that dose for several months. Another useful supplement for the good bacteria is fructo-oligosacharide. You can be sure that you have some bad bugs in your gut, if you do have leaky gut syndrome. The best thing to do is find out what they are and take the right medicine to get rid of them. Chinese herbs are very useful against most of the harmful bugs in the gut. If you are going it on your own, though, I would only suggest eating raw garlic or taking garlic capsules.

I have skimmed over many things on purpose because if you do have leaky gut syndrome, you really need to get professional help. As I mentioned earlier, there are many conditions besides food allergies that could be related to leaky gut syndrome. If you have a chronic complaint that is resistant to treatment, check out one or both of the books I mentioned or see a health practitioner who specializes in treating leaky gut syndrome.

Fruits and Nuts against Allergies

by Ed

A recent study shows that children brought up on a mediterranean diet, rich in fresh fruits vegetables and nuts, and low in trans fats like margarine, are less likely to develop respiratory allergies.

See the news item here.