Ancient Hiccup Remedy

by Ed

I’ve been studying the acupuncture classics lately, and yesterday I found an interesting hiccup remedy. It is in the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic, the oldest known book on Chinese Medicine. It was compiled from older texts about 3,000 years ago.

So if you have hiccups and drinking water from a glass upside down doesn’t work, try this:

Tickle inside your nose with a blade of grass until you sneeze, then hold your breath out as long as you can, followed by a rapid inhalation, using your belly to breathe in.


1 Scott 06.11.07 at 6:49 pm

Hey Ed,

I wish I could try this technique on my two year old niece but she wouldn’t understand the instructions. Oh well.

Actually in massage there is an effective technique for getting rid of the hiccups which has nothing to do with water or standing on your head.

But it requires a partner which isn’t helpful if you’re by yourself. I’ll have to remember to look up this technique next time I have the hiccups.

Take care!

2 Evan 06.13.07 at 10:51 pm

I’d never read this in the Yellow Emperor. Where on earth is it? Evan

3 Ed 06.14.07 at 7:59 am

According to Wu Jing-Nuan’s translation of the Ling Shu, it is at the end of chapter 26, Assorted Diseases. I just picked up this translation, recently. It is very readable.

4 Courtney92 08.09.07 at 7:29 am

that is really interesting. I’ll have to try it next time i get the hiccups. i so far, have never found anything that helps them go away. thanx for the info. hopfully it will help.
~courtney92 🙂

5 Alternative Medicine Zone 12.22.09 at 10:34 pm

Sounds really great! I never knew about this technique.I’m going to try it!Let me see if it works.Anyways thanks for sharing the great information!

6 Joel 04.25.13 at 11:39 pm

Never heard about this remedy, I’m going to try this one if I got hiccup some time. Hope it’s effective!

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