by Ed

Well, it’s late January, and that means, in the Pacific Northwest, that it almost feels like Spring. But don’t forget, the coldest week of the year is just around the corner. Where ever you live, you have your patterns of warming up and cooling down. But then again, weather has gotten pretty strange these past few years.

Typically, it’s during the changes of the seasons that we have to be careful of our health. It’s easier to get sick during that time when we are not acclimatized. These days, you never know when the weather might suddenly shift, so it is important to keep your immune system strong all the time. Get plenty of exercise, but don’t get a chill while your pores are still open. Always dress appropriately, protecting yourself from cold and wind. Eat warm nourishing foods like soups and stews. Be sure to get lots of fresh veggies. Fruits and vegetables are full of immune boosting chemicals that you can’t count on your vitamin pill giving you. Take time to relax and enjoy life with your friends and family. Both relaxation and joyful activities enhance the immune system, besides making life more worth living. If you tend to get sick frequently, seek out a Chinese herbalist, who can design a formula, specifically for you.