Study Shows Organic food healthier

by Ed

I find it interesting that this research comes out of th US, but I found the article on the BBC News web site. Is the US media more interested in helping big Agribiz than in reporting the news?

A ten year study in the US, shows that tomatoes grown organically have almost double the flavonoids of their non-organic counterparts. Flavonoids are anitoxidants that have been shown to lower blood pressure and the risk of heart disease, stroke, and some types of cancer.

Peter Melchett, Soil Association policy director in the UK said: “We welcome the now rapidly growing body of evidence which shows significant differences between the nutritional composition of organic and non-organic food.

“This is the second recent American study to find significant differences between organic and non-organic fruit.

“These findings also confirm recent European research, which showed that organic tomatoes, peaches and processed apples all have higher nutritional quality than non-organic.”

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1 Evan 07.14.07 at 3:33 pm

A good news story!

Roll on the clean and green revolution. As organics can sell at a premium it’s good news for farmers too. So most of us can win from the spread of organics. (Except for agri-business I hope, for whom I will shed no tears).

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