Staying healthy as the seasons change

by Ed

In the Pacific Northwest we had a fairly cool May. Then, rather suddenly, it warmed up last week. I know a number of people that got sick, then. We tend to be more vulnerable to disease during changes in the weather, so it is important to take extra care during those times. Protect yourself from environmental extremes and allow your body to acclimatize slowly. This can be hard for people when they have been waiting a long time for Summer to arrive. Slowly increase your time in the heat, and wear a hat, especially for the first while.

If you are out sweating a lot make sure you are well hydrated. That means not just fluids, but eloctrolytes as well. However avoid gatorade, which is a good source of high fructose corn syrup, a sweetener our bodies should never ingest. See this post for more information on that. I like to make lemonade with a freshly squeezed lemon, just enough honey or maple syrup to make it taste good, and a little salt. Unrefined sea salt is best, as it provides small amounts of many minerals. When I have people working at my place in the Summer I offer them my lemonade. I am always told how thirst quenching it is. That’s because it is replacing the water and the salts that are lost when you are sweating a lot.

Many people do not do well on raw food. The Summer is the one time when it is ok for most of us to eat salads. Take it easy, though. Again, give your body time to adjust, especially if, like me, you only eat salads in the Summer. Start with one or two a week and build up to every day or every other day. Your body will appreciate the extra nutrition, but your stomach and intestines may complain about the extra work digesting them.

If you are in a part of the world where the weather keeps changing from hot to cool, be extra careful. Human beings are very adaptable, but we do need time to adjust.

Enjoy the Summer.