Quick destress and rejuvenator

by Ed

Get into a comfortable position. On your back with your knees on a pillow works well. Take a few moments just to notice how your body feels. Fake a yawn or two, sigh a couple of times and wriggle around to get more comfortable. As you breathe, notice the rise and fall of your belly. Start breathing more deeply, emphasizing the movement of your belly. Push it out as you inhale and pull it in as you exhale. Now just breathe naturally again, and notice how your body feels.

Now, as you inhale imagine you are filling your lungs with energy. If you are visual, vissualize it. Or you can feel it or pretend it is happening. Imagine your lungs are becoming more and more energized. Every cell is dancing. Next inhale that energy into your right arm. Do the same thing. Then your left arm, your right leg, your left leg, and finally your belly. When your belly feels totally energized, get up and jump up, lightly, and down a few times.