Overcoming Allergies

by Ed

For the next few posts I am going to look at allergies from different points of view, and ways to overcome them. You do not have to suffer from allergies, and you do not have to take antihistamines to avoid them. There may be some people with anaphylactic allergies to certain foods like peanuts that will have to live with them, but for the rest of us there are many techniques to lessen the symptoms or get over the problem all together. As I post on each of the topics below, I will teach you how you can get over your allergies, using the tools related to the topic of the day.

How an allergy is like a phobia. Have you ever considered that there really isn’t any difference between a phobia and an allergy? Both are an irrational overly fearful response to something relatively harmless in our environment. The body sees a dust mite, and thinking it is a very dangerous intruder, it mounts an assault against it, inducing allergic symptoms in the innocent bystander. There are many techniques for curing phobias, such as hypnosis, NLP, and EFT. These techniques have also been found useful in curing allergies.

Chinese Medicine cures the problem when it is not there. If you have Spring allergies, this is the time to see your acupuncturist. Chinese medicine sees allergies as an imbalance in several of the body’s energy systems. It is much easier to correct the imbalance when it is not active. Besides acupuncture there are a number of self help techniques you can use to heal yourself.

Keeping passages clear. Keeping both the nasal passages and the digestive track clear and flowing smoothly greatly reduces the effects of allergies. Allergies are closely related to digestive health. In Chinese Medicine the colon meridian runs up to the nose.There are several things you can do for yourself to keep things clear.

Healing a leaky gut. Leaky Gut Syndrome can lead to many different symptoms, including allergies. See my earlier post on Leaky Gut.


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