Do You Make These 5 Mistakes with Your Health Supplements?

by Ed

This article is a guest post courtesy of Nutritional Supplements HQ – a great resource for open and honest information about health supplements, including a definitive guide to fish oil benefits.

There seems to be a trend with health aficionados recently. Instead of using health supplement for what they were intended, to supplement your diet, they are being used in a way that they shouldn’t be.

This gives them a bad name because then people wonder why they are paying $100 a month for products that seem to have no effect. Here’s a handy hint for you: it might not be the supplements. It might be you!

So, if you’re sat reading this and are thinking about giving up the supplements because they aren’t working for you, just check to make sure you aren’t making one of these 5 mistakes first.

Mistake #1 – You still eat crap!

It amazes me how often this crops up, but I hear people complaining all the time that their supplements don’t work, yet they are shoving a Big Mac down their neck, chugging Coke and dipping fries in ketchup. Health supplements can only work if you give them a platform. That platform is a healthy diet packed full of fruit and veg, as much meat as you can eat (unless you’re a vegan!) and no junk food!

Mistake #2 – You use cheap supplements

Didn’t anyone ever tell you that you get what you pay for? You’re not likely to get any benefits if you bought your fish oil for $10 from Walmart. This is your health. Why wouldn’t you want to spend a little extra to give your body the purest, healthiest supplement possible? The chances of finding a high quality product in Walmart is low – so do some research and you might find that supplements do work after all.

Mistake #3 – You forget to take them

The best way to not experience any benefit to health supplements is to simply forget to take them at all! It sounds stupid, and it is, but people can and do forget to take their supplements for days, sometimes even weeks at a time. I’ve lost count of the friends I have that keep supplements in their cabinet for years after the expiry date and then complain to me that they don’t work! Nowadays I just sigh and judge them silently. Don’t let this happen to you.

Mistake #4 – Taking advice from the guy at the health food store

Believe it or not, the guy working at your local health store for minimum wage is not qualified to tell you which supplements will work for you. So many people look to these guys for advice every day in stores all over the world and as a result, they choose inferior products that do not benefit their health. Your best bet is to do some research online, contact supplement manufacturers directly or check out their site for more information. Don’t just take one person’s advice (not even mine) when your body is the best judge of any supplement.

Mistake #5 – Treating health problems with supplements

A big culture in our society today is to take a pill to fix a health problem. If it’s a headache you can down a paracetamol or ibuprofen, antacids for stomach ache and so on. If your sole reason for taking supplements is to fix a health problem, make sure it solves the root cause. If you’ve got a headache then instead of popping an aspirin, drink some water, eat some good, wholesome food and fight the problem properly. Again, I must stress: use supplements to aid an already healthy lifestyle, not to solve all the problems you have!

Now it’s over to you. This list is definitely not exhaustive, and I know that many people reading this will have experienced many mistakes when using supplements. Spill the beans below and share your worst health supplement mistakes. Remember: you do learn from them! 🙂