Depression and Diabetes

by Ed

Two separate articles in the news, today, grabbed my attention. One links the balance of fats in our diet to depression, while the other links depression to diabetes.

So, it seems that eating the wrong balance of fats in your diet can lead to depression and depression can lead to diabetes. I have always been fascinated by the mind-body connection, and I enjoy reading about scientific research that proves the connection, because doctors seem very slow to accept it

In case you did not go to the article on fats, I’ll let you know what they are talking about. It has been known for some time that getting more omega 3 fatty acids and relatively less omega 6 fatty acids, is good for our hearts and keeps inflammation down. We get omega 6 fatty acids, primarily from the vegetable oils we use for salad dressing and cooking. We get omega 3 fatty acids primarily from fish. Increasing your fisch consumption and decreasing your use of vegetable oils will improve your health and, according to the latest research, your mood.