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Walk for your bones

by Ed

Walking and other weight bearing exercise is the best way to prevent osteoporosis. In one recent study, healthy women, with an average age of 69, began an exercise program that included strength training, stair climbing, walking, and calisthenics, three times a week, for 32 weeks, boosted their bone density by 11%. That’s better than any drug could do.

Of course, that was more than just walking, but other studies have shown that walking, alone can boost bone density by lower, but healthful amounts. The studies also find that balance is improved and people are less likely to fall, which is very good for the bones, too.

If you work in an office building, take the stairs as much as you can. Use the restroom on a different floor, and take the stairs there. There are many ways to fit more walking and stair climbing into your day. Of course, if you are retired, you should have time for a good exercise program. It is never too late too start. Doing a combination of exercises, as mentioned above is the best way to keep the bones strong. Exercise has many other healthful benefits for our minds and bodies as well.