Book Review: Avoiding Cancer One Day At A Time

by Ed

“One out of every two American men and one out of every three American women will get cancer over the course of their lifetimes” That quote, taken from Avoiding Cancer One Day At A Time, is probably the reason the authors wrote the book. If you want to be among the ones who don’t get cancer, I suggest reading this book. They have thoroughly researched everything known to increase your risk of getting cancer, including the stuff that we aren’t 100% sure of, yet. They also discuss how to avoid those things and how to strengthen your resistance to cancer, in general. They say that they don’t want their readers to become fanatical about avoiding all of the risks, but with all of their statistics, it could be easy to get fanatical.

There are chapters on environmental factors, lifestyle, nutrition, and medicine. The chapter on medicines talks about medications that can cause cancer as well as medical conditions that raise your risk of cancer. There is also a chapter just about the infectious diseases that raise your risk. Each chapter talks about the risks and about what you can do to lower your risk. For instance, in the chapter on environmental risks, there is also a section on which house plants best clean the air of carcinogens like formaldehyde. The last chapter is full of great cancer preventing recipes.

They list many resources and references, and the appendices list all known carcinogens. I love statistics and this book has lots of those. For instance, did you know that 25% of cancer deaths, worldwide, are related to infectious diseases, such as HIV and hepatitis? There are also many tables, making the information easy to find. This book is easy to read and thorough, everyone should read it.

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