Antibacterial socks…Are we crazy?

by Ed

Even before antibacterial soaps reached our local supermarkets, we knew overuse of antibacterials was a very bad idea. The problem is that they don’t kill all the bacteria, and the ones that survive are highly resistant to being killed. We are creating superbugs. Also they kill good bacteria, which we need, as well as bad ones. It now turns out that there are further health problems with antibacterial chemicals.

Triclosan, the major antibacterial ingredient, when mixed with the chlorine in your water, creates chloroform, a toxic chemical that happens to cause cancer. For more details see the article at Environmenatal Science and Technology Online.

What else are they putting triclosan in? It boggles the mind. Clothing, kitchen utensils and cookware, keyboards and mouse pads, deodorants, cosmetics, toothpaste, etc. In our fear of bacteria we have gone absolutely crazy. We have managed to coexist with bacteria for many thousands of years, I am sure we’ll manage a little longer. Unless we kill ourselves first.