A Puppy’s Guide To Health And Happiness

by Ed

Kids and puppy
Things every puppy should know:

  • Be bouncy. It helps with energy and enthusiasm
  • Love everyone you meet. Most of them will love you back. This is good for your immune system, your energy levels, and of course, your happiness levels.
  • Play at least an hour a day. Playing is not just good exercise, it keeps you joyful.
  • Surround yourself with people who like to play with you and go for lots of walks with you.
  • Take lots of rest breaks. When you rest, relax completely. Deep relaxation is crucial to good health.
  • Wag your tail a lot, but also let others know how you are really feeling. If you aren’t happy, maybe they can help.
  • Don’t get anxious when your family is gone all day. You’ll just end up chewing on things, or yourself, and getting all kinds of psychosomatic disorders.
  • Every once in a while go crazy, for no particular reason.
  • Eat lots of fresh, whole, real foods. Try and avoid that packaged stuff. It’s lifeless and full of genetically modified corn and soy… yech.
  • Get as many massages as you can.


1 Kate 07.24.08 at 8:11 am

Look at me strangling that poor dog. She probably sped away when I let go. Dogs are a gift to humanity. I have three now. They love to annoy the heck out of me. Midnight barks to be let in, barks to be let out, barks to be fed, barks at strangers, barks at friends and scares the bejesus out of everyone even though she’s a lab and has never hurt a flea.

Zoe doesn’t bark, she bays. She especially loves to bay at night when I’d like to be sleeping. She also climbs trees and back down again. She won’t eat her breakfast until I’ve given her a good rub in the morning.

Moose destroys things. He’s young. He’s full of energy and if Zoe won’t play with him he eats the house, the dog beds, the shoes, the work gloves, the flower planters. That’s when he’s not digging tunnels in my lawn. There is one that is hip deep. I swear he’s trying to say hello to some dog in China.

But the thing is. Those dogs think the world revolves around me. They won’t eat when I’m away. They’d happily sit at my feet all day long. They give their lives to protect me. Truly. Where in the world can you find that kind of loyalty? Adoration? No where. They don’t see any of my flaws or annoying habits. How can you not be grateful for that?

Good to hear from you Ed. Molly was the best!

Your annoying sister.

2 Jude Lamare 07.24.08 at 8:57 am

Dear Ed,

Great advice, excellent leadership, and speaks directly to the heart of all the dog people out there.

I’ve been asking myself lately why life is so much more fun when you have a dog. You and Kate (above) have answered the question beautifully.

Molly was a dear!

Love, AJ

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